Different Types and Styles of Roof

There are many reasons you might want to have a new roof fitted, but the main ones are usually that your old roof is old and expensive to maintain, is damaged beyond easy repair, or simply that you want to improve the look of your property. 

There are a number of different styles and types of roof that are suitable for different shaped roofs, different budgets and different tastes. Your roofing company will be able to advise you on which style will work best for your particular property, but there are some decisions only you can make, and here we take a brief look at some of your likely options and what you need to consider.

Pitched or flat?

Pitched roofs are the most common in the UK, having two distinct advantages, in that they provide a natural runoff for rainwater, and provide extra storage and/or living space in the area created by their triangular shape. They also provide good insulation and if properly fitted should have a long life.

Flat roofs are cheaper to install and can provide the option for extra outdoor space, like a roof garden. However, maintenance costs are likely to be greater than for a pitched roof, and they are generally not considered as ‘stylish’ as a good pitched roof, so may have less resale or kerb appeal. 

Clay, concrete or slate roof tiles?

Concrete tiles are probably the most cost-effective choice, being not only one of the cheapest roofing materials, but also because once installed they last a long time and need little maintenance, apart from the occasional clean-up to remove some moss and mildew. On the other hand, they’re very heavy and usually not as attractive as clay or slate, being more prone to weathering.

An increasingly popular choice for many homeowners and house builders, clay tiles look good and are perhaps the most environmentally friendly of all roof tiles. They’re also fairly durable and easy to install. However, they’re not the cheapest option and they can be brittle, making them easier to break. 

Slate roof tiles

Slate is perhaps the most stylish material of all roof tiles, but that style usually comes at a price (although having said that, recent man-made slate tiles are noticeably less expensive). Natural slate tiles not only look great, but are also likely to have a far longer life, so once they’re in place, you’re unlikely to need to worry about them again!

Lead roofing

Very few houses have much in the way of lead roofing these days, except in the form of flashing to provide a reliable means of protection against the weather and general wear and tear. In a way, that’s a shame, because it has so many benefits in terms of its durability, malleability and insulation properties. However, its relative scarcity has made it an expensive option and as a consequence a target for thieves; chances are that if you’ve heard lead roofs mentioned recently, it was in the context of being stolen from the local church!


With over 20 years’ experience, Roofer UK can give you the expert advice you need and help you find the right material and style for your new roof. And once you’ve decided, we can also fit it quickly, efficiently and economically to get your property weatherproof and looking great for years to come. 

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