Should I Get a Roof Inspection When Buying a House?

The housing market is now at its highest level of sales since 2007, according to reports out this week. With an increasing number of sales, there is clearly greater demand, which means those desperate to get on – or move up – the housing ladder might be tempted to skip the due diligence of surveys and inspections.

With this in mind, should you get a roof inspection when buying a house?

The answer is yes. Even with all the extra demand, a roof inspection for the house you’re looking to buy is a must. A house purchase is one of the biggest you may ever make, so why cut corners and leave yourself at risk?

A roof inspection can highlight any potential issues, saving you a lot of time and money. Let’s take a look at the variety of areas an inspection can cover…

Roof inspection

Things a roof inspection can cover

Tiles – Starting with one of the most obvious signs of damage, tiles are good indicators of the condition of a roof. If there are broken tiles or tiles that have slipped and not been replaced, then there may be further damage internally – at the very least it shows the roof hasn’t been paid much attention by the current owner.

Chimney – Where a property has a chimney, whether working or not, the condition of the stack is important. An inspection can establish whether there are any damp issues as well as assess its stability. If a chimney stack has been lowered or removed, you can also assess whether this work was done properly.

Flat roofing – It’s well known that flat roofs can encounter more issues due to standing water and damage, so if the property you’re hoping to put in an offer on has a flat roof, you really want to check the condition it’s in.

Guttering – It’s hard to appreciate what condition the guttering is in, especially if it’s not raining when you visit. With a roof inspection, you can get a better idea from a professional about how the guttering is impacting the roof. Any major leaks could be causing water damage to the property that you might otherwise be unaware of.

Windows and skylights – Where a roof has been converted, the added space of an attic room might look great from the inside, but what about from the outside? Has the flashing and sealing been done correctly? These things can be established in a proper inspection.

Structural stability – One of the most important elements of a roof inspection, regardless of whether it’s a standard roof, terraced roof, dormer conversion or a flat roof, is an inspection of how sound the structure itself is. The structure of your roof is integral to your home, so knowing about any issues – or even potential issues – can help you in your decision on whether to bid or not. You may even want to adjust the price you offer based on the condition of the roof if it will need urgent repairs.

Roof inspections and surveys from Roofer UK

Whether you want to find out what condition the roof on your dream home is in or you simply want a thorough inspection of your current roof, at Roofer UK we provide professional roof inspections across Watford, Hampstead, Highgate and the surrounding areas, giving you a detailed report and our expert advice.

Call today to book an inspection or survey for your roof – we offer this service for both commercial and residential properties.