Does Buildings Insurance Cover Roof Repairs?

If your roof needs repairs then it’s probably quite a stressful time for you. Whether it’s affecting your entire roof or just part of it, any issues will disrupt your daily life and could pose a hazard in certain areas of the home. That’s why you should never delay roof repairs – even if it doesn’t seem like an emergency now, it could quickly escalate. 

Unexpected roof repairs are unlikely to be something you’ve budgeted for, which is why you might look to your insurance company for assistance. But does buildings insurance cover roof repairs and, if so, how much will they cover?

This month, we’ll try and give you an overview of how insurance for roofing works, but please note that we are not able to go further because of the nature of the industry – always research your current cover or potential cover for yourself.

Can I claim for roof repairs on my insurance?

Usually, if you have full buildings insurance, there will be some sort of provision for roof repairs. Full coverage is not always common but is available — usually if you’ve just had a brand new roof or if your roof is in top condition. Full coverage for costs might also be included if you’ve opted for specific coverage elements such as storm damage.


Will my insurance pay for a roof replacement?

The answer to this question comes down to whether or not your insurance company deems it necessary for there to be a full roof replacement. You may feel that a new roof is the preferred option, but if they can establish that repairs would be cheaper, then they may not agree to cover the cost of a roof replacement. 

Where your roof is damaged or deteriorated in a number of places, requiring multiple costly repairs, the total sum might be more than a new roof, in which case they will be more likely to cover the cost to replace the roof as the cheaper option.


Who can provide roof repair cost estimates?

To make a claim for roof repairs, you’ll need to get a quote from a trusted roofing company. They will visit your property and provide advice on what work needs to be carried out and how much it will cost. Once you have this, you can submit your claim and the cost to your insurer. At this point, your insurer might advise that you can proceed, or they may have their own preferred contractor who they can send out. This will vary between providers.


Things to consider for roof insurance claims

If you are looking at making an insurance claim for your roof, there are a few things to keep in mind that your insurance company will look at. These factors are what will help them decide on the validity of your claim and what they are willing to cover the cost of.

The first is the age of your roof itself, since a very old roof is likely to already be damaged or predisposed to being damaged easily. If you’ve had your roof replaced in the last ten years then it will be considered as relatively new, making it more likely for any damage to be covered.

Following on from that, the general condition of the roof, if ten or more years old, will play a part. Insurers are, in general, more likely to give you better coverage for your roof if you can prove you’ve kept it in good condition with regular maintenance. Annual check-ups for your roof are a good way to show that the roof was in top condition before the damage occurred. 

Finally, the actual cause of the damage. You’re unlikely to get the cost covered for repairs for things that have gradually deteriorated due to wear and tear. You’re more likely to get coverage for things outside of your control such as an unexpected fire or weather events like storms.


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