What Should I Do if I Think My Roof is Leaking?

It goes without saying that in the UK we see our fair share of rain. Whether it’s wintry showers or a thunderstorm in the heat of summer, we don’t tend to get too much of a break from drizzles or downpours. That means your roof is probably also quite likely to leak at some point in its lifespan.

But what should you do if you think your roof is leaking? Maybe you’re not sure whether the roof is the cause, or maybe you need guidance on what to do if you’re already certain it is. This month at Roofer UK, we’ll talk you through the common signs of a leaking roof, how to find the source of the leak and other professional tips and advice.

Roof leaking

Sign of a leaking roof

If you’ve noticed water in your property – damp patches on ceilings and walls or dripping coming from the attic – then it’s likely the cause is a leaky roof. Most of the time, a leak will have been happening for quite some time before you actually start to notice it. 

Here are some of the common signs of a leaky roof to look out for:

  • Sagging in parts of your ceiling
  • Water stains on interior or exterior walls
  • Missing tiles from your roof
  • Water pooling in your attic

The last of these points is a sure sign, but it’s always good to check that it’s definitely your roof that is the cause, eliminating things like leaky plumbing or clogged gutters first. You can then move onto the next step…

Finding the leak in your roof

If you know the issue is with your roof, the next step is to try and locate the leak to establish the direct cause. There are many reasons a roof can be leaky, including damage to tiles, simple wear and tear over the lifespan of a roof, DIY accidents or even poorly installed roofs. These things will often show as cracks, gaps or holes in your roof through which you’ll see clear daylight.

Remember that where you find the water pooling or running down your walls isn’t necessarily where the source is, since water travels. This means you may need to trace the water back to the point of entry. However, only enter your roof space if it is safe to do so; water can weaken structures creating a dangerous space that may not hold your weight if the leak has been happening over an extended period.

Can I fix a leak in my roof myself?

If you’re a roofer by trade and you know exactly what the cause is and how to rectify it, that’s fine. Most people, however, aren’t skilled roofers and there is, therefore, a huge risk that you could make matters worse. On top of that, it can be a dangerous job if you don’t have the right equipment, tools or knowledge when it comes to working on either the interior or exterior of a roof. 

That’s why when you have a leaky roof, we recommend:

Professional roofing services

The quicker you engage professional roofing services when your roof is leaking, the sooner it can be rectified. At Roofer UK, we provide emergency roofing repairs for when you need us in a hurry, or we can offer roof inspections and surveys to help you identify any issues with your roof if you’re unsure where the leak is coming from.

Call today for roofing experts in Watford, North West London – including Highgate and Hampstead – and the surrounding areas. We’ll be happy to help with finding the cause of your leak, putting it right to protect your property from further damage.